About Us

Our mission is simple, to help our customers increase productivity and profit while reducing risk, machine failures and maintenance cost.

Our focus is on our customers satisfaction. We guarantee to provide our customers with excellent customer service along with the results they desire!


Z-OOMM LLC | Optimizing Outage Mechanical Maintenance

Led by skilled engineers experienced in industry operations, Z-OOMM LLC was founded to help its customers optimize their mechanical maintenance outage procedures.

The Z-OOMM team has extensive training and experience in maintenance operations and IoT advanced technology, allowing our customers to feel confident that they’re working with the top professionals in the industry.

We provide our customers with a range of intelligent condition monitoring products. These include the Motor Condition Monitor (MCM), and Plant Condition Monitor (PCM) instruments, and the Artesis Enterprise Server (AES) software package. These products are used for plant monitoring, predictive maintenance, and process optimization across multiple industries including the chemical and petrochemical, metal processing, power generation, pulp and paper, water, utilities, cement, food and beverage, automotive, textile, and maritime sectors.

Our Team


Mark Zumbahlen

Founding Executive Officer

Mark is a Experienced Engineer who has 10 plus years working in the nuclear power industry. He has worked as a field technician, supervisor, project engineer, business development manager and now a founding director of Zoomm. He has utilized his experiences now to help steamline cost savings to all industrial power and manufacturing plants.


Stephanie Zumbahlen

Chief Financial Officer

Stephanie a self-motivated business development professional with seven years experience using sales and financial tactics to grow revenue and improve overall health of a growing organization.

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